Salvation: The Fulfillment

We’ve looked at our need for salvation and God’s plan for our salvation. Finally, we’ll look at God’s fulfillment of our salvation which is through Jesus Christ.

We know that Jesus was the perfect sacrifice for us. Because He was fully man, He could die in our place. And because He was also fully God, . . . → Read More: Salvation: The Fulfillment

Dangerous Comfort

We know the story of Jonah and the big fish. God told Jonah to go preach to the people of Nineveh, but Jonah didn’t like that idea. The citizens of Nineveh were known for their cruelty, and Jonah was angry God would choose to offer them mercy. He decided to rebel and hopped a boat . . . → Read More: Dangerous Comfort

Title Holder

Jeremiah 2:9-13

Do you believe in God? Whom do you consider as God? Is He an actual person or just some great powerful being somewhere out there? The people of Jeremiah’s day had a problem deciding who God really was and what priority He should have in their lives. Are we like them?

Many people . . . → Read More: Title Holder