When You Can’t Write

Been one of those kinds of weeks.  Stuff happening but still had plenty of time to write for this week’s topic.  Only problem was, I couldn’t come up with a thing.  Had several good thoughts, but couldn’t get them to form into a cohesive idea.  The blank screen stared back at me, daring me to . . . → Read More: When You Can’t Write

Salvation: The Need

The greatest truth of all is our redemption by a loving God; how He made a way for us to return to Him.  For my monthly Topic, I will look at that way which we call salvation.

Entire books have been published on this truth, so I don’t pretend to be able to cover it in one . . . → Read More: Salvation: The Need

A New Direction

When I first started this blog, I had no clue what direction to take.  I felt I should try to write something and perhaps I could gain some insight as I went along.  But for me, the old adage is correct; he who aims at nothing, hits it every time.  Without a clear vision of . . . → Read More: A New Direction

“But if not…” Stay the Course

Daniel 3:17-18

Years ago, I selected a life verse, the first part of Daniel 3:18.  It’s part of an affirmation of faith from three young men that they would do what God said regardless of the consequences.  Looking back on it now, it probably wasn’t the smartest choice, but I believe it was the right . . . → Read More: “But if not…” Stay the Course